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Bruce A. Parker, D.C. | Malibu Chiropractor 
Serving the Malibu Community Since 1984

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Established in 1984.

I moved to Malibu in 1984 to begin my Chiropractic studies in LA and started working with Dr Byron Ferguson out on Point Dume.  As I completed my studies I joined Dr Christian Reichardt in the middle of Malibu and that expanded into an office with Darrell Yoshihara, DC,  Jesse
Hanley, MD, Marcus Laux, ND, Janet Zand OMD__all of which became the Malibu Health Center.  This was a great opportunity to practice in a completely Holistic environment.  In 1992 I joined Malibu Health and Rehab, my current location to focus spinal health and injury recovery.

Bruce A. Parker, D.C.
Business Owner
My journey to practicing Chiropractic began after an injury in high school varsity sports.  That injury ended my starting position on the team and stayed with me after graduation.  Any heavy exertion would reactivate the pain in my spine.  During a tour of duty in Vietnam the injury would return time and again and I would seek help with the Army docs and all that was offered were drugs for pain and muscle relaxers which didn't help.  Later after returning from the war a friend took me to see this great Chiropractor and the first adjustment changed my life.  I knew that is what I wanted to share with as many people as possible.  Now I could surf with out pain or limitation.  Living in Hawaii and working on the surfing community on the North Shore of Oahu I started the under graduate study at the University of Hawaii then reluctantly moved to Malibu to start Chiropractic College in LA.  That was 1984 and with gratitude and pride I continue to practice here in Malibu.

Lee Miracle 
Clinic Manager has worked with Dr Parker since 1984.
Lee organizes the patient flow pattern Through the clinic
and has set up seminars, lectures and patient product department.



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